Septic Systems
(Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems)

Once you determine you will need a permit - to construct anything - you would do very well to talk to us, briefly and soon, at the fore.

As always, our interest is - first and foremost - our clients’ satisfaction. If you have questions about septic systems – the planning, permitting and construction, of municipal, commercial, institutional or residential wastewater treatment and disposal options - or any other question, please give us a call, anytime: (607-832-4498).

Semantics matter.

You will find a champion at Bray Engineering. We are as adept as anyone in this region at representing your interests. Together we can help you wade through innumerable technical and regulatory issues, as well as a number of potential paths through particular regulatory temperaments, available funding options, and local construction methods and materials.

We have the experienced technical representation that will help you realize your dreams, while minimizing the stress, which is so notoriously associated with construction.

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