House Plans

Did you know that building-a-home is on the "short-list" of life's more stressful endeavors?

We don't think it should be.

In fact, we intend to make building your dream house an enjoyable experience. Our unique skills and experiences will allow you - a prospective homeowner - to make those decisions you want to make. We will demystify and simplify those countless technical details - large and small, germane and mundane; so, you can be confident you have all the essential information to make those decisions every new home builder must make.

We will detail your dream house. Our involvement will ensure that you make attractive, cost-effective renovations and new constructions. We'll attend to the technical details, with concise "stamped" scale drawings to accompany building permit applications and, to guide builders and material-suppliers through cost-effective and efficient, estimating and construction.

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