Bray Engineering, PLLC, is a full-service professional engineering company with an office in Bovina Center, NY. Dr. Walter Houston Bray, PhD, PE, has been involved in a wide variety of engineering consulting work, since 1963. In 1972, Walter established Bray Engineering. Walter's son, Timothy Harlo Bray, PE, has been involved in the business since 1980. Timothy and Walter provide overall supervision of all aspects of Projects undertaken by Bray Engineering, including but not limited to: planning, feasibility, design and construction control services.

Bray Engineering's current staff is led by Dr. Walter H. Bray, PhD, PE; Timothy H. Bray, PE; and Carrie Hewitt Choquette.

Our Reference List provides the names of some of our clients who have agreed to attest to our commitment to serving our clients' needs, striving to provide "all the engineering our clients' need, and no more."

We have a unique familiarity with the permitting processes of numerous local, regional, State, and Federal Municipal regulatory entities (e.g., NYSDEC, NYCDEP, NYSDOH, USACoE, Municipal Code Enforcement Officers, and Planning and Zoning Boards, etc.). We work closely with our clients, and our clients' builders, excavating contractors, architects and surveyors, as necessary, to help them realize their dreams, on-time and on-budget. Our primary ambition will always be to provide a dependable and professional service to our clients' aspirations.